Fated To Love You : K Recap Episode 9

Gun, moved by the seduction of a crying and vulnerable Mi Young, kisses her cheek and in doing so, finally opens his heart to loving our quiet heroine.  Now, our adorable Hero must deal with the consequences of acknowledging that he loves his wife.   Anyone who is going to imagine Daniel as a gigolo has got it bad.  LOL!

ep9 horny hand

Gun’s body knows what it wants… 

Firnlambe: omg this is classic!! I was giggling the whole time I was watching.

Wendilynn:  I was laughing so much.  Who knew Jang Hyuk could be so freaking funny.  Watching him fight his growing sexual attraction for his wife as his body has a mind of its own just slayed me.

ep9 mushy gun

Needing some affection there, dear?  

Firnlambe: Well someone’s starved for attention. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling at them. I particularly loved it when Gun shhh’d the driver.

Wendilynn: I loved this scene.  As corny as it was, I loved watching Gun melt.


Gun is especially worried about his family medical history.  The men in his family don’t live long due to this medical condition.  Gun, now wanting his bride and her child, wants to be there as long as he can.

Firnlambe: I couldn’t even imagine how horrible that must feel.

Wendilynn:  Fear of an impending medical condition that could kill you and make your loved one a widow doesn’t help things, this is true.


Always someone wanting to bring you down and take your throne.  Gun’s position in the family is not secure.

Firnlambe: I’m really disliking this addition to the Korean version. I feel that there is no reason for these elders to the overall plot.

Wendilynn:  I agree with you, I don’t understand the point of this particular plot line.


Nothing like getting turned on by your wife in front of your mother-in-law!

Firnlambe: ADORABLE!!! Absolutely adorable … I love that he’s helping out the family.

Wendilynn:  As annoying as I find Gun’s laugh and some of the abrasive ways he talks,  I find watching him falling in love with his wife absolutely freaking adorable.   You’ll remember that I didn’t quite agree with this casting choice in the beginning, but I sure do get it now.


I’m thinking Mi Young was having WAAAAAAAY too much fun watching these boys fight over her.

Firnlambe: Can i just say……can we kill Gun’s hair stylist? Nothing….NOTHING they’ve done with it has been working.

Wendilynn:  Agreed.  Especially when there are soooo many examples of when his hair was done right to choose from.

JangHyuk Collage

Just sayin…

Firnlambe: Omg!!!!! He’s holding a baby. Lets just kill my ovaries shall we….I mean its not like i need them or anything


Se Ra has contacted Mi Young to confirm that Gun is in a loveless marriage.  On her way out, she bumps into Daniel.  Does he notice that she has a scar in the same place as his missing little sister?

Firnlambe: Of course not…..that would be to easy. I’m curious how that relationship is gonna come to light. Do you think they’ll keep the strawberry cake bit?

Wendilynn:   They have to keep something that connects them, that Daniel will recognize on sight as being a sign of his little sister.


Mi Young has not been in contact since her meeting with Se Ra.  Gun is left floundering with worry that somehow Daniel, who he saw her leave with, has romanced her away.  When she returns, she throws herself into Gun’s arms, robbing him of all the frustrated anger he had building.

Firnlambe: Awwwww … Just … Awwwww

Wendilynn:  You’re toast Gun, just give up now.   Mind you,  imagining  Daniel as a gigolo was priceless.


The Alpha Dogs square off over colored shots. Just who is the better drinker…and does that mean they deserve Mi Young?

Firnlambe: Honestly….all i could think of when watching this scene was “hmmm I wonder what flavors each shot is?” Because…not gonna lie…they look delicious.

Wendilynn:  I know next to nothing about shots as I don’t drink, but even I wondered what flavors made up those colors.   I find it funny that they don’t ever let Gun win any of these contests he’s having with Daniel.   Daniel doesn’t always win either.   It really could go either way.


Last thing Mi Young wants is for ANYONE to think she was after Gun’s money or sold her baby.  Finding out that Gun helped buy the restaurant puts her in a bad spot.

Firnlambe: Ugh….this brother-in-law is so annoying sometimes. Why can’t you think of how Mi Young is going to feel before you commit to something so important.

Wendilynn:  This is one aspect I find really distasteful about Asian dramas.  The idea that you should be as money grubbing as possible.  That if someone has it, they should give it to you if your family and you should wheedle as much as you can get your hands on.   I really hate that side of things when it shows up.


Gun just proved how valuable Mi Young is to him with $30 million to buy back a mug stolen by step-mom and little brother. Mi Young is terrified to believe that Gun just might want her.  She confesses to Gun that she is scared to desire  him and suggests they break up before they go any further.  Gun’s reply is anything but agreement.

Firnlambe: My heart flutters at this scene just thinking about it. This was so beautifully executed. I have NO complaints whatsoever.

Wendilynn:  Yes, I felt this kiss in my gut.   They built up to that kiss really deliciously too.   Gun and Mi Young on the verge of tears with unexpressed emotions for each other.  The tension pulling us in.  Then the release.  *sigh*  I loved it.

There is no going back now for Gun.  They have literally confessed to each other now.   What is in store for our lovers now?   The Korean version differs here by giving Gun more emotional attachment to Mi Young then was afforded our lead in the Taiwanese version.   Mind you, they don’t have as many episodes to play with.   With the emotional stakes higher, will the coming event that splits them apart be even harder to face for us the audience?

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