Gun’s warm feelings for Mi Young start to really develop in this episode, leaving us the viewer with some fun moments of jealousy.  Gun, split between the woman he’s supposed to love and the woman he’s supposed to hate, finds himself struggling to keep boundaries in place. When he sees Daniel bringing Mi Young  home, he bristles.  Join Firnlambe and I as we  talk about how we felt watching Gun start to fall in love.


Alpha Dogs don’t like to share.

Firnlambe: I am absolutely loving that Gun has these jealous tendencies and doesn’t even know it.
Wendilynn:  As if he has the right to be jealous, right?

ep6 husband

Gun doesn’t see his own hypocrisy.  You don’t want her, but heaven forbid anyone else want her.  Look out Gun, your heart is turning.

Firnlambe: I did mentioned that I love a jealous Gun didn’t I? It’s seriously so damn adorable to see him getting all worked up over Mi Young talking to another man.

Wendilynn:  This scene was cute and eye rolling at the same time.  Its like, DUDE, you want to throw her away in 10 months, what right do you have to demand that she lean on you?

Firnlambe: Oh totally agree with you there….but I can overlook that fact based off how much emotion he’s showing towards her.


The Elders of Gun’s family are enchanted by Mi Young and her pride in her little home island.  Gun realizes, his sale of revenge probably wasn’t a good thing…..only….what were they going to do with it?

Firnlambe: Yeah…..I bet you’re regretting that decision now aren’t you? I can’t wait to see how this all pans out in this version.
Wendilynn:  That he’s nervous is really funny.


Sorry Se Ra, he’s got more important things to do now….like rescue his new wife from the evil shower head.

Firnlambe: OMG! first of all …. how both Gun and Mi Young lose a battle with a shower head is beyond me. Secondly, this woman! Arrrgh!! How someone can be so vain and incapable of seeing how others feel is mind boggling.
Wendilynn:  If those things have enough water pressure, they are a serious menace. lol  Se Ra is selfish because Gun has let her be.  He’s spoiled and pampered her to a serious degree.  Gun is a total romantic when he’s in love.  Which is why Mi Young is having problems now that his heart is starting to include her.

ep6 amazing

Gun can sew?  Just how much can Gun’s heart melt by sewing the first clothes for his little baby?

Firnlambe: I adore that there were in their own little world, completely ignoring the looks being thrown at them.
Wendilynn: This scene was so innocent for me until we made this GIF.  *falls over laughing*   Everything I could say about this scene sounds naughty.  I’ll just stop now.


A friend of Se Ra’s, confused by why Gun and Mi Young are outside a prenatal class.  Gun, confused on what to say is saved by Mi Young’s quick thinking.  Sadly, her excuse as a lowly secretary is too easy to believe.  Gun, bristles that Mi Young is overlooked easily.

Firnlambe: Thank God Mi Young is so quick on her feet….Gun was literally like a deer caught in some headlights.
Wendilynn:  Gun still doesn’t know how to tell Se Ra, much less anyone else.


One doesn’t want to get their hopes up, but its hard to do that when one is treated so sweetly. Just what is she to Gun?  And does she dare dream?

Firnlambe: Yes what did you expect Mi Young? You knew exactly what you were getting yourself involved with going into all this…but yeah, I really wish they had used a smaller chip. The little silver one from the original was perfect. Perfect size for her to just tote around on her key chain.
Wendilynn:  Even when you get married due to pregnancy, you’re hoping to become important to the man in your life.  He’s important to her, even if he doesn’t realize how important she is to him.


Gun…. you’ve got a crush.

Firnlambe: Ohhhhh you know when the male lead takes selcas of himself with the still sleeping female lead that he’s got it bad for her……just look at Fall in Love with Me for goodness sake.
Wendilynn: I loved this whole scene. From putting her in bed, to changing her band-aid and then this selfie.   This boy is starting to fall hard.   Of course, loving someone as good as Mi Young is easy to do and Gun isn’t exactly a tough personality.


Ahhh, insults, real or imagined.  They are the stuff of small minded trouble makers.

Firnlambe: I can’t wait for this mother-son duo to be put in their place.
Wendilynn:  Unlike Mi Young, these two are not capable of really understanding their situation and act accordingly.

ep6 karaoke

Surprise!  Gun sings?   And flirting with his mother in law’s friends?   WAE?!!!

Firnlambe: Ha! and he gets suuuuper into it too. Nothing says I like you quite like going to a party and acting the fool all because your Mother-in-Law asked you too.

Wendilynn:  He’s totally flirting with those ladies, being their playboy for the day.  Its also nice to see Gun and Mi Young having fun with each other.  They needed that too.


Gun has a Mom again.  Bet you anything Se Ra’s mom wasn’t nearly so warm.  Gun, I think you’re being won over.

Firnlambe: D’aawwww. He has someone to call Mother again…..if this doesn’t break his will, I don’t know what will.

Wendilynn:  Did you see the look on his face when he hugged her?  He was totally charmed and touched.


Se Ra knows she’s been a bad girl.  She’s hoping a surprise visit will help heal the hurt she’s caused Gun.  She’s also noticed a slight change in his behavior and tone when they talk. 

Firnlambe: This woman has got to be mental. To expect someone to not change after being rejected numerous times is just unheard of. No amount of surprise visits will change that fact.

Wendilynn:  She’s been pulling these stunts for 6 years.  His change in behavior now has alerted her there is a problem because she walked out ON A PROPOSAL to go dance.  Baaad girl!

FTLYe618 FTLYe619

Quick, get the island back before the wife finds out you were selling it for revenge.  Of course, your words there make one thing clear, that what’s important to Mi Young is important to you.

Firnlambe: Way to stand up for your woman’s hometown!! ….. granted you sold it in the first place … But who cares!!! you won it back and that’s what matters.

Wendilynn:  I loved watching them try to bluff their way through these negotiations as if they were gangsters too.  So funny.  I also loved the snail hand position before he got started.


Maybe, just maybe, this ring means something after all?

Firnlambe: *squeeeee* I really, honest to God, have come to love Gun…. the look on his face when he placed the ring back onto his finger…. yeah, I’m gonna need to find more drama’s or movies with him as the main lead in my near future.
Wendilynn:  This episode is all about him falling in love with Mi Young.  He may not realize that is what has happened, but he’s changing a lot.  His heart is definitely moving.


Little brother is causing trouble. He’s leaked what Gun didn’t want anyone to know.  Least of all Mi Young.

Firnlambe: Annnnnd emotional bomb! Poor Mi Young, not knowing the full story and only believing in what she’s been shown. I mean, this was bound to happen but it’s still unfortunate.

Wendilynn:  Why shouldn’t she believe it?  She’s trapped Gun into a marriage he doesn’t want, he’s already asked her to sign divorce papers and abandon the baby.  What else won’t he ask of her?

ep6 hug

Mi Young is hurt.  Daniel sees Gun coming.  He does the only thing he can think of to test Gun’s feelings for Mi Young.

Firnlambe: ㅋㅋㅋ Classic move there Daniel. I loved his “bring it on” look that he shot towards Gun too.

Wendilynn:  Total challenge, I agree.  Daniel knows where his heart lays, but does Gun?

That wraps up episode 6.  Gun’s heart has been moving towards Mi Young all episode but what will he do about it?    Will Daniel be able to lay claim to any part of Mi Young’s heart?  Will Se Ra’s surprise visit mess up  Gun’s plans?  What will the villagers do about the attempted factory sale?   Its all up in the air and we are so happy to be in on the ride, even if we do have the advantage of seeing the T version of these events so we know what’s coming.




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