We have a facebook page now!

Due to life, this blog has been horribly neglected with postings.  We are actually very busy doing video and blog show reviews for Dramafever but I just never remember to post here.  So, I started a facebook page  so that it will be easier to share the crazy thing we enjoy and laugh at.   Take the link and like us.


Also, here is the Pinterest board where I put all the video drama club episodes  Dramafever Video Drama Club

have fun and come join us!


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Driving is so complicated!


When you’re in the car with someone who doesn’t know how to drive.  Or change lanes. lol


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The Real Reason for Kpop

It caught my attention  lol


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Video Drama Club 5.24.16

I absolutely loved Descendants of the Sun.  I have a brother-in-law who is a medic on the army and so it was great to watch a show that reflected a lot of how he feels about being  a soldier and a doctor.  The video drama club talks a little bit about what we liked.   Also,  Song Jae Rim was absolutely adorable in Thumping Spike.  *sigh*    loved him.


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The Struggle is Real

I’ve marathoned a few dramas in the last couple of weeks.   Contract Marriage,  My Amazing Boyfriend,  Thumping Spike and a few others and it never fails when this happens.


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Dramafever Video Drama Club – Madame Antoine and Marry Me or Not

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Dramafever Video Drama Club picks for 2015

Taleena and I  give our top picks for a must watch drama of 2015

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Park Bo Gum sings a Christmas song for fans

I need more.   One song is not enough. *sigh*

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Because sometimes we just need more beautiful.


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VDC debates whether we should be Twenty Again or Noble!

The video drama club is talking about “Twenty Again” and the adorableness of a shirtless Sung Hoon in  “Noble My Love”.


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