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Fall in Love with Me Drama Club updates

The angst and love amp up in these two episodes of Fall In Love With Me.   Poor Tian Xing and Le Si are being torn in two by very selfish family members.   Firnlambe, Aunnie and I  give our two cents worth.

Episode 13

Episode 14




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Drama Club : Trot Lovers

I’m part of my third Drama Club on Dramafever.  I cannot describe how much fun I’m having.  Yes, its a lot of work trying to get 3 ladies together to comment on an episode, and thank you Google docs.   Boy, does that make it easier.

The first 6 episodes are out.   I’ll be adding the links for Episodes 5 and 6 when they post this week, so here are the links for the first 4 episodes.

Episodes 1-2    3-4

Now,  just a little review so far.   I fell in love with this series with the first episode.  Our two male leads took on characters that were polar opposites from their last projects.   Let me explain.

Joon Hyun:  Self professed god of music, petty, selfish and a colossal jerk.  Oh the stuff this boy pulls….   *shakes head*

Petty1 Petty Petty2

Entertainingly played by actor Ji Hyun Woo.  This is Hyun Woo’s first role since his discharge from the military.    Now what made this great for me was that this character was NOTHING like his last one.   His last role was the strong, almost silent protector of  Queen In-Hyun’s Man.  He was everything a girl dreams about in her fantasy white knight who over comes time and space for love.   The chemistry he had with his leading lady was amazing and I really like watching this boy kiss.  Joon Hyun is NOTHING like Boong Do and I’m so happy about that.   I hate when actors gets type-cast.   Hyun Woo does a great job of bringing to life this egotistical asshole who believes anything is okay as long as he’s right.   This drama takes this character on a roller coaster ride in just the first 4 episodes and its a humbling experience for him.

Geun Woo:   Son of the music company president who contracts with our lead actress.   He’s flaky,  a bit klepto and doesn’t take himself seriously.  He knows he’s a spoiled rich brat and has the humor and insight to laugh at himself.

Flaky Oppa TL2a TL10a

This character is what sold me.  Shin Sung Rok last played an evil psychopath in My Love From Another Star.  This guy was so evil that anytime he smiled you knew someone was about to die.  He was brilliantly evil and Sung Rok was compelling.   We nick named him Scary Oppa.  Geun Woo is anything but.   We go from scary and evil to goofy and light hearted….and you buy it.  Completely.  He comes across as a flake but you soon learn that that is a cover for someone who is very very observant.

These are but two of the very entertaining characters in this delightful drama.



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