SHINee doesn’t disappoint

SHINee released their newest video to their new album “Odd”  just a couple hours ago and I have to say that I’m very happy with it.  Its a fun, upbeat dance piece and it just makes me happy when I listen to it.   So, here’s some fun and some great dance moves with their first release of the album.  The song is called  View.

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A Fan’s Big Bang review of Bae Bae and Loser

I really like Big Bang.  They were one of my first loves in Kpop and Monster still sits as one of my all time favorite songs.   So I was really excited for them to start releasing their videos for their album MADE.  So without further ado, lets start with Bae Bae.

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Verses – The amnesia edition

Taleena and I take on the dreaded plot device of amnesia.  Sometimes it goes well,  often it goes very very wrong.  Which side are you on?  Does it work? Do you hate it?

Verses: Amnesia as a Plot Device


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Sensory Couple Episodes 1&2

I began Sensory Couple this week, mostly on the strength of Park Yoo Chun. The premise sounded wonky to me: a man without pain sensations, a girl who sees smells – love ensues! AND yes, that is partly true. What I was unprepared for was a show that managed to hit all my targets.

Park Yoo Chun is not the handsomest K drama actor out there, but has a huge charisma that infuses his scenes. Whether it is outsized comedy, a subtle humorous expression, or anywhere on a vast sliding scale from wistful to heartbroken, Yoo Chun embodies the emotional state of the character.

His female opposite is ably handled by Shin Se Kyung. She has the unenviable task of having to stare into the middle distance and express surprise, curiosity and disgust, but manages to do so credibly.

The Secondary Characters, are engaging. Many of the actors seemed to have been pulled wholesale from Modern Farmer. If the Gossipy Ahjummah or Kimbap Auntie show up I’ll laugh my head off.

Mystery. I’m a sucker for a good mystery and while Yoo Chun’s obsession with his sister’s death brings to mind his crazy focus in I Miss You, fortunately it’s handled with a lighter hand here – so far. The same actress playing Yoo Chun’s deceased sister in Sensory Couple, Kim So Hyun, gave a masterful turn as the younger version of his love interest in I Miss You.

I am eagerly waiting for episode 3, I haven’t been this engaged in a drama in a while.

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Dramafever Video Drama Club #57 YoNa gets her kiss

Taleena and I have fun laughing at poor Ri Ohn getting tortured by Yo Na in this episode of  DF  video drama club.   Also see our comments on Hyde Jekyl and I and Maids

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Dramafever Video Drama Club 56

We’re talking Dream Knights with GOT7,   Kick Butt Grandma’s in Unkind Women and looking out for children in Blood.


I also updated recap links for  Blood, Hyde Jekyl and I and Kill Me, Heal Me.   We also have a written movie review for The Technicians.  You can find them all on the reviews page.

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Kim Woo Bin talks with Dramafever fans through Google Hangout

Dramafever  had their first celebrity google hangout.  Kim Woo Bin was awesome enough to be the first and help promote his movie  “The Technicians” which is currently showing on Dramafever.   They even allowed members a chance to talk to him directly.   I thought about signing up for that, but figured that it would probably be more fun for the younger ones.  As much as I like Kim Woo Bin, we shouldn’t scare the poor boy. lol

My friends at DF worked really hard to make this google hangout go well and I just have to say that they did a great job.  Even though I didn’t talk directly with Woo Bin, it still felt intimate and personal and I smiled like a giddy school girl the whole time.

Some of the things I found most interesting from the interview:

-he likes both cats and dogs.

-he likes to draw and paint and considering he mentioned having all the supplies for such passions,  I imagine he has an art room.

-His favorite Hollywood celebrity is Brad Pitt.   Now this became really funny because they don’t call him Brad.  For whatever reason, mostly due to the quirks of the language, they say Bang instead.  Well, that’s the Korean word for bread.  *chuckles*   Pair that up with polite honorifics for an older male and basically they call him ‘older brother bread”.   I will NEVER be able to think about Brad Pitt’s name the same way again.

-He is serious about becoming a good actor.  So he is making a list of 100 goals that will help become a good actor.  Attributes to work on, skills to gain.   He does the same thing with his character developments.  He mentioned in another interview that each character he portrays has to answer a 100 item questionnaire.   That sort of dedication is going to lead him to great places.

For more of this interview, you can watch this link to the hangout yourself.  I have one more question… whose office were they using?

Kim Woo Bin was such a great sport about this whole thing.  He was a champ.  Great job.



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The Dramafever Video Club “The Technicians” Review

Taleena and I both make some points in our review of Kim Woo Bin’s  The Technicians.

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March 2nd update

So much is going on!!

After a year of  volunteer recapping for Dramafever,  I was able to apply to join their news team in December.  The last 3 months have been a whirlwind and beyond awesome.  This blog has experienced serious neglect because both Taleena and I are working for DF news.

We are both still recapping shows for DF but we’re also producing news articles.  Both of us are enjoying ourselves immensely.   I love being able to tell people that I get paid to write about my hobby.  The look of jealousy on their faces is a balm after having lost my previous career and struggling so long to find something my new circumstances will allow me to do.

I love it.  I can’t believe I get paid to do this.   Make sure to look at our articles, as there are bonuses for individual views.  We’ll try to remember to post them here. lol

Also, our current Drama Club recaps can be found on the recaps page.   We are currently reviewing Blood,  Kill Me Heal Me, Dear Mom and Hyde, Jekyll and Me


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Dramafever Video Drama Club – KMHM, Sweden Laundry, I Heard It Through the Grapevine

A few months ago I joined the Video Drama Club on DramaFever.  We have so much fun.    This week we review two dramas and react to a random clip.

I got to pick the clip this week.  I just have to say that Shin Se Gi never fails to make me smile.


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