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Dramafever Video Drama Club #57 YoNa gets her kiss

Taleena and I have fun laughing at poor Ri Ohn getting tortured by Yo Na in this episode of  DF  video drama club.   Also see our comments on Hyde Jekyl and I and Maids

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Dramafever Video Drama Club 56

We’re talking Dream Knights with GOT7,   Kick Butt Grandma’s in Unkind Women and looking out for children in Blood.


I also updated recap links for  Blood, Hyde Jekyl and I and Kill Me, Heal Me.   We also have a written movie review for The Technicians.  You can find them all on the reviews page.

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The Dramafever Video Club “The Technicians” Review

Taleena and I both make some points in our review of Kim Woo Bin’s  The Technicians.

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Dramafever Video Drama Club – KMHM, Sweden Laundry, I Heard It Through the Grapevine

A few months ago I joined the Video Drama Club on DramaFever.  We have so much fun.    This week we review two dramas and react to a random clip.

I got to pick the clip this week.  I just have to say that Shin Se Gi never fails to make me smile.


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Movie and DC updates

Taleena and I have been busy girls lately.    We are on so many drama clubs for Dramafever that this poor little blog gets sorely neglected.  I’ve updated  the links to our most recent articles for Tomorrow’s Cantabile, which just ended.  *sob*    Also updated Say I Do Again,  Modern Farmer, Greatest Marriage,   High School Love On and  Mr. Baek.    We have also started two new ones.  The second season of  After School: Lucky or Not has finally started.  *YAY*    And we are taking on a historical in The King’s Face starring  Seo In Guk and our favorite psychopath Shin Sung Rok.

I also did a recent  DF movie review for Lady Daddy which was a sweet film.

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Weekly recap 11/8/14

Its been a crazy week in Kdrama land.  The fall season shows have gotten started and life is getting crazy for Taleena and I.  I’ve joined her on Modern Farmer’s DC and also started the Mr. Baek DC.   Between us that makes  6  drama clubs we are doing weekly.   That’s ten DC articles a week, not counting Taleena’s weekly articles with DF.  You can find the links to the newest DC episodes on our Recaps and Reviews page.


Mr Baek is the newest to start and the first two episodes had me laughing so much.  I’m not sure how they got 5  minutes of nudity past the censors, but if you are squeamish about that sort of thing, I say skip the start of episode 2.  lol   Lots of comedy and humor in this show.  These duck lips have made an impression.  *chuckles*

Modern Farmer showed us both care and comedy.  Nobody can tease us more mercilessly than our friends. lol  Also, I want to know more about Kang Hyuk story.  Just what happened to him 8 years ago?

Tomorrow’s Cantabile continues to take us on an emotional ride between joy and pain.   Park Bo Gum stole our breath with his heart stopping smiles.   Nae il and Yoo Jin  teach us that music can be a more intense love language than any kiss or hug.   But has Yoo Jin just betrayed Nae il?

Say I Do Again is half way through and best friends are proving to be more twisted and psycho than any enemy.   Can Xin Kui and Zhen Yang find a way to save Dun Hua , Mars and their own hearts?

Greatest Marriage  is driving us all crazy.  These characters need a lesson in being valid human beings.

High School Love On is providing more teen angst than you can shake a stick at.

If you haven’t started watching Pride and Prejudice you are missing out.  The first 4 episodes have been outstanding.  Its an excellent crime drama and we’ve just found out that our Male Lead is involved in the death of our Female lead’s little brother.  Ooooh boy.  I just might have to start a review of this one on my website.

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Dramafever Video Drama Club

Its episode 38 and we’re talking about Absolute Boyfriend, Tomorrow’s Cantabile,  My Lovable Girl and The Greatest Marriage. (Can we just tar and feather Eun Cha now?)

We ask who would make your perfect love robot like Jiro Wang on Absolute Boyfriend.   Watch the video for mine and Taleena’s answers.  Who would you pick?

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Dramafever Video Drama Club

Taleena and I are taking part in Dramafever’s Video Drama Club.  That was sort of what got us started on our own vlog idea.   Here’s the last two episodes we took part in.

Continue reading Dramafever Video Drama Club

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Blogging update and a new video project

A lot has been happening for the Kimchi crew this last month.  Most of it has dealt with the insane amounts of blogging we are doing for Dramafever.   We’re busy on 3 different drama clubs, which means this blog has seen some neglect.   My computer also died 3 weeks ago and Iosing 10 years of information didn’t help.  Thank goodness this blog is hosted.  But the articles I had plan to release were a goner.   However,  all is not lost and we’re keeping busy.

Continue reading Blogging update and a new video project

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Drama Club Updates : Trot Lovers, Discovery of Romance, High School Love On

ep1 what happened

Taleena and I have been really busy with our Dramaclubs.  I just realized  that I don’t have links up to most of them, so this will catch you up on what we’ve been doing since I last posted links.

Trot Lovers Drama Club

Episode 9  Episode 10 Episode 11  Episode 12  Episode 13

Episode 14  Episode 15 Episode 16

High School  Love On

Episode 1   Episode 2   Episode 3   Episode 4   Episode 5

Discovery of Romance

Episode 1   Episode 2


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