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Blue eyes in a Blue World

I have a thing for blue eyes.  I can’t help it.  I see them and I quiver.   So my liking of Asian flower boys has always been a bit of a dichotomy because I don’t get all that excited by dark eyes and hair.   But, pair dark hair with blue eyes and I’m melting like butter on a hot griddle.

HOWEVER… Super Junior released a song in December called Blue World.  I don’t know how I missed this one till now, but  its a fun video full of my favorite color splashed all over the place.  Nice song, good beat, danceable.   However, those little stinkers in editing took that dark vibrant shade of blue and flashed it through their eyes.  *Whimper*

SuperJunior Blue Eyes

My favorite member Kyuhyun with blue eyes.   This is mean torture for this Ajumma.  This boy was already beautiful to begin with.  *sigh*

If you also like blue eyes,  there is an artist who photoshopped Kpop Idols, both sexes, with blue eyes and those pictures were shared by another on Pinterest.

Here’s Super Junior’s Blue World



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Not quite the target audience.

I was watching a new video today.    Key from Shinee and WooHyun from  Infinate collaborated on a new mini album called Toheart.   Since I love both groups, I happily clicked to watch the first video from the album.  It didn’t take me long to realize……  wow, I’m so not the targeted age group.  ROFL!

This adorable video is clearly aimed at the teen crowd.   As a DJ, I’d play this in any junior high/middle school dance.  I really liked the 1950’s feel to the sets and wardrobe.  There was such an innocence to this whole video that I even commented on youtube:  “Are they even old enough to shave? ”

This video however, did remind me that being older, I don’t necessarily respond to certain videos the way the target audience is expected to respond because, after all, I’m not the target audience.  I’ll give you a few examples of this.

Super Junior  “Sexy Free and Single”

Undoubtedly Super Junior is comprised of some seriously handsome young men.  Their songs tend to be aimed at the High School/College age group.  And while I love the eye candy and excellent dancing afforded in this video, as a single woman my age,  I hear that chorus and I think, “Jerk! Thanks for the warning!”.  *chuckles*  The lyrics themselves are are on the clean side, which is what I love about kpop, but the message of the chorus to my jaded dating ears is “Its all about me and let me use you for the night”.   While a 20 year old girl might be open to these lines just because the guy is cute,  not so much for me since I know these type of guys aren’t worth my time.

The next example is  Gdragon’s  Michigo.

This song has no redeeming quality whatsoever.   My DJ response is “meh”.   Its a club song, and not even a very clever club song.   I’ll talk about the lyrics in just a moment.   Every artist has two types of songs.  There is the music they make when they are using all their creativity, and then there are those songs you just do because you know they are going to make money.  This song is a cheap example of this.  This song probably took Gdragon all of an hour to think up and I’m probably being generous at that.

Now to the lyrics and video content….  This is a very imaginative video.   All of Gdragon’s videos are.   However, the first time I saw this I couldn’t understand why there were so many groin innuendos in it.  And not even sexy groin innuendos, just blatant, in your face, look at my size innuendos.   Pink elephant between his legs,  big hands and feet,  dancing in a urinal,  getting spanked by mom and dad, getting worked over by the embarrassed doctor….ehem.   Yeah…   Curious, I then went and looked up the lyrics.   Oh….its about a guy wanting his willie jerked all night long.   Lovely.    If I was 20 years old, I would have probably swooned and thought how beautiful and sexy Gdragon is, because lets face it, the boy has a very pretty face.   Being twice that age…  *evil chuckles*  I had a very different response.   I watched the video again and started laughing.   There is only one question I have after watching this video….. who got laughed at?   This is a male compensation video if there EVER was one.   Now, I’m not saying that Gdragon would have been the one laughed at (giving the idol the benefit of the doubt)   …. but clearly somebody on that production team was feeling insecure.  lol

Being a Kpop fan is fun.  Fun music, fun videos,  the artists themselves are usually humble and nice, which is a nice switch from the blantant meglomania of some american artists.  But it also comes with a lot of humor because I’m not a teenager and so I’m going to respond a little differently on occasion then what is intended.

I will end this post with my favorite Kpop song that is all eye candy, good music and excellent dancing.






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To put it mildly, I don’t particular like angry music.  It can suit a mood now and again but for the most part, I like my music upbeat and fun.  This is why I love Asian pop music in general.   There is a group coming out of Japan that puts the fun in death metal.   I didn’t know you could that, but this is what happens when you mix 3 very cute little girls, Jpop and death metal.

I spent the first half of this video going “WTH?”.   Then I just had fun with it.


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Energy Mix

One of the things I suffer with is chronic fatigue.   I have no interest in getting all jacked up on pills so I go for a more natural method.  When I’m feeling sluggish, I pop in this playlist and the upbeat tempo of the songs I have on here dump adrenaline/endorphins into my system and help  me make it through the rest of the day.  I also find this mix helpful when I am doing chores, hiking, whatever.

So enjoy, dance with me and if you have any favorites that pump you up when you need a pick me up list them below and maybe I’ll add them to this mix.

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Bring your favorite Kpop group to your city!

There is a new app/website that is determined to bring Kpop to more cities.  As we all know, most groups only go to New York or L.A. where most of us just don’t have the cash to go.   I figure there are easily 5 locations in other states that they could hold successful concerts in.   I wish my city was one of them but we are just not big enough of a metropolis.   Seattle though, I’d drive to.   I would probably even drive up to Vancouver BC if I got the chance, but that is pushing it.

Anyway,  Teen Top’s management is going to let the fans decide the other locations for their US tour.   This is really a clever idea because they sell the tickets early, so they know they will have an audience to pay for the expensive trip to a different town that frankly, nobody else has been to or tried out yet.

Here’s how it works!

If its successful, other groups will jump on board, you can be sure of that.  Kpop owners know that the US is a growing market for their music.  Lets show them just how good we can be to them.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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I’m busy trying to figure out how to activate some of the cooler features of this theme I’m using and becoming very frustrated.  So, Lets listen to a little Beast’s Midnight.

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Get moving on your Monday morning.

Love this group.  Good music, excellent dancing, just all around nice boys.  Doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes either.  ;)

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