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Where’s the Milk?

Frootloops Collage

Song Joong Ki and Froot Loops.  I’m hungry.

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Blue eyes in a Blue World

I have a thing for blue eyes.  I can’t help it.  I see them and I quiver.   So my liking of Asian flower boys has always been a bit of a dichotomy because I don’t get all that excited by dark eyes and hair.   But, pair dark hair with blue eyes and I’m melting like butter on a hot griddle.

HOWEVER… Super Junior released a song in December called Blue World.  I don’t know how I missed this one till now, but  its a fun video full of my favorite color splashed all over the place.  Nice song, good beat, danceable.   However, those little stinkers in editing took that dark vibrant shade of blue and flashed it through their eyes.  *Whimper*

SuperJunior Blue Eyes

My favorite member Kyuhyun with blue eyes.   This is mean torture for this Ajumma.  This boy was already beautiful to begin with.  *sigh*

If you also like blue eyes,  there is an artist who photoshopped Kpop Idols, both sexes, with blue eyes and those pictures were shared by another on Pinterest.

Here’s Super Junior’s Blue World



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Guy Candy – Lee Min Ho

My first introduction to Kdrama began with the show Boys over Flowers.  My heart was quickly stolen by Kim Hyun Joong,  he played the sweetest character ever.   However,  I was soon enthralled by the change taking place in the arrogant character of Goo Jun Pyo. His journey in that story is what kept me watching.   This character was beautifully played by actor Lee Min Ho.

Min Ho is a very good actor who is also an extremely beautiful man to me.   One of the benefits of being an older woman is that I’m long past the point of being obsessive in my fandom.  I get to appreciate the beauty that is a person without getting psycho about it.  (of course, that may be a matter of opinion. heh)

He’s played many characters, my favorites include his roles in City Hunter and Personal Taste.  I loved him in Faith, Heirs and BOF, but the first two were what made me fall in love with him.   I also love men who can wear grey/silver or who look great in long coats.   His character in Personal Taste  wore this type of clothing.  I just about died as he went from scene to scene wearing my favorite looks on a man.  He also wears a lot of long coats in City Hunter as well.   These pictures I’ve pulled them from the internet from various places.


Adorable man with an adorable baby, its a win win.

I’d go more into his acting skills, but this post is about eye candy.


Ah, a smile.   I melt for a good one.




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