Bring your favorite Kpop group to your city!

There is a new app/website that is determined to bring Kpop to more cities.  As we all know, most groups only go to New York or L.A. where most of us just don’t have the cash to go.   I figure there are easily 5 locations in other states that they could hold successful concerts in.   I wish my city was one of them but we are just not big enough of a metropolis.   Seattle though, I’d drive to.   I would probably even drive up to Vancouver BC if I got the chance, but that is pushing it.

Anyway,  Teen Top’s management is going to let the fans decide the other locations for their US tour.   This is really a clever idea because they sell the tickets early, so they know they will have an audience to pay for the expensive trip to a different town that frankly, nobody else has been to or tried out yet.

Here’s how it works!

If its successful, other groups will jump on board, you can be sure of that.  Kpop owners know that the US is a growing market for their music.  Lets show them just how good we can be to them.

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