Where do I watch my Dramas?

There are two sites that I use to watch most of my dramas.   While Netflix has a nice starter set to watch,  If you want your latest updates for your favorite Korean, Japanese or Chinese language dramas, then there are a few choices.

My favorite is Dramafever, my next favorite is Good Drama.

There are those who really like a site called Viki, I can’t stand it.  Its hard to navigate and confusing as well, so the fact that it tends to have more content doesn’t interest me at all.  Dramafever is very easy to use and I consider the $10 monthly premium membership fee more than worth my time consider I ditched my cable when I wasn’t using it anymore.  All the sites are free to use if you don’t mind watching commercials.   I had no problem with it the first five months but after that I realized I didn’t need to pay 60 bucks for cable I wasn’t using.  Between Dramafever and Netflix, I have all the entertainment I could possibly shake a stick at for less then 20 bucks a month.   Good Drama is a free site where fansubs upload their work.  I like this site for the amount of Japanese and Chinese language dramas they have.

So there you go, that’s where I go when I’m looking for something to watch.


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